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6400 Series Stepper Drives by Kollmorgen
These modular, high-performance microstepping drives support a broad range of requirements. These drives offer excellent value for low voltage DC input-powered applications. The 6410 model has step and direction inputs. The 6415 model has the addition of an oscillator allowing a +/- 10 VDC input command for speed control.


6410 and 6415:
• Single power supply input
• Input voltage is from 24 to 75 VDC for a broad range of power sources
• Output current adjustable from 0.625 to 5 Amps RMS with 3-position DIP switch
• 4-phase bipolar chopper drive for superior current regulation and low ripple current
• Microstepping resolution is selectable via DIP switches up to 51,200 steps per revolution
• Idle current reduction reduces motor heating in many applications
• Selectable step filter rejects noise on step input
• Fault Protection:
    ○ Line-to-line and line-to-neutral shorts
    ○ Internal power supply under-voltage
    ○ Bus overvoltage
• Compact size

6415 adds:
• Low/high speed select input
• On-board multi-turn potentiometers
• External customer potentiometer
• Customer supplied ±10 VDC analog input
• Optional heat sink
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