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P5000 Stepper Drive by Kollmorgen
Introducing the New Kollmorgen P5000 Stepper Drive. The P5000 is a compact micro-stepping stepper drive optimized for high system performance with Kollmorgen's industry leading POWERMAX II stepper motors. It is an impressive yet simple addition to the Kollmorgen stepper drive family. Pairing a stepper system doesn’t get any easier! The P5000 and Kollmorgen stepper motors are meant to be together. With easy access smoothing and profile potentiometers for optimized performance.


• Current output from 0.7-3.5 A peak; DIP switch selectable in 0.2 Amp increments
• Bus Voltage 20-75 Vdc
• Wave matching via potentiometers for Kollmorgen motors to provide optimal performance for the
  Kollmorgen Stepper Motor Families.
• All Inputs and Outputs are Optically Isolated
• Command Source from External Step and Direction Inputs or Internal Velocity Controlled
  Oscillator (VCO); DIP switch selectable
• External Single-Ended Step and Direction Command
    ○ Disable Input
    ○ Fault or Enable Output

• VCO Mode
    ○ VCO allows for velocity control via 2 seperate potentiometers for CW and CCW rotation and a
        third potentiometer for acceleration.
    ○ CCW Jog Input
    ○ Run/Stop Input
    ○ Run/Stop Output
    ○ CW Speed trimpot
    ○ CCW Speed trimpot
    ○ Accel/Decel trimpot

• Pulse Multiplier smooths micro-stepping
• Idle Current Reduction; DIP switch selectable
• Compensation for mid-range instability
• RoHS & CE certified
• UL pending
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