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S200-DLS Servo Drive by Kollmorgen
The S200-DLS Series adds a Digital Link interface module to the standard S200 servo drive family, providing connectivity to the Digital MMC family of controls. Both the S200-DLS and the MMC Smart Drive can share the same Digital Link network, expanding the features and capabilities available for control by the MMC digital standalone or drive-resident controls.


• Factory-installed DL card provides a Digital Link interface for S200 servo drives
• Can be used with the MMC Digital Standalone Control Family or MMC-SD Digital Drive Resident Control   Family
• Can be used in combination with the MMC-SD Digital Drive Family
• Competitive pricing, comparable to S200 pricing
• Available in 3A, 6A, 12A and 24A versions at 120/240 VAC
• Same standard serial, aux I/O and SFD feedback connectors as our S200 Series drives
• 24-bit high-resolution feedback
• 3-5 kHz high-performance current loop bandwidth
• Intelligent feedback device with electronic motor nameplate eliminates the need for drive
  parameter set-up and servo loop tuning, allowing plug-and-play commissioning in most applications
• Standard features include torque and velocity control base, electronic gearing, up to an 18-bit
  analog reference input and an encoder equivalent output
• Meets UL 508C, CE, EN50178, EN61800-C and Semi F47 Standards
• Separate "Keep Alive" power input allows rapid recovery from emergency stop conditions.
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