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Adaptive Robot Gripper 2-Finger 85 by Robotiq
The 2 finger adaptive gripper by Robotiq is electrically powered giving it flexible sensing capabilities. This product excels in applications dealing with high mix production. Further, machine tending processes that include a wide variety of parts often sounds like complexity and expensive custom tooling. Now your robot only needs a single robotic gripper to handle all your parts.

Unique Features:
• The fingers are under-actuated, meaning they have fewer motors than the total number of joints. This configuration allows the fingers to automatically adapt to the shape of the object.
• Three gripping modes: parallel external, parallel internal and an encompassing grip.
• Great compatibility with the line of Universal Robots.

Product Specifications:
• Stroke: 0 to 85 mm
• Object diameter for encompassing grip:43 to 85 mm
• Weight: 850 g
• Payload: 5 kg
• Grip Force: 60 to 200 N
• Closing Speed: 20 to 150 mm/s
• Parallel Grip Repeatability: 0.05 mm
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Axis Systems
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